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  • Write, Read, Analyze SQL queries easily
  • Understanding Database Terminology
  • Get Any Data from the Database
  • Learn How to Use SQL functions Confidently
  • Restricting, Filtering, Grouping, Joining the Data


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  • Using ability an operating system


Section 1: Course Introduction 02:04
Section 2: Database Concepts 42:31
  • What is a Database?
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Section 3: Preparation for SQL Development 41:13
Section 4: Entering the Database! 32:33
Section 5: Conditional Retrieval 32:21
Section 6: Converting Data & Conversion Functions 36:47
Section 7: Ordering the Results 11:54
Section 8: Single Row Functions 34:38
Section 9: Group Functions 15:07
Section 10: Grouping the Data 15:11
Section 11: Selecting From Multiple Tables (Joins) 48:32
Section 12: Subqueries (Query inside a Query) 26:04
Section 13: SET Operators 12:47
Section 14: Manipulating and Playing with the Data (DML Statements) 24:19
Section 15: Manipulating Tables - DDL Statements 12:04

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I have been working for more than 15+ years on software development on many programming languages (like C, C++, Java, C#, Python, PHP, etc.) and about 10+ years on SQL&PL/SQL programming and Oracle Technologies. And also I'm a Software Development Manager for more than "10" years.

For now, I am working on a huge database which has more than 15M (million) active-users as a Project Manager, and teaching SQL&PL/SQL and many programming language courses like C, Java, Python, PHP, etc.

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