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  • Make videos
  • Make video thumbnail


Youtube is becoming difficult for making money from videos everyday. Unless you are a big youtuber with lots of subscribers and views youtube does not worth and reaching that level can much more than you expected.<\/p>\n

SO is there any way to make money without youtube for video creators?<\/p>\n

The answer is Yes.<\/strong><\/p>\n

If you are looking forward to make some good income with video creation you are on right place here you will learn not only how you can make money with videos without using youtube but also how you can get started as a complete beginner who has never made any videos.<\/p>\n

Making videos can be a big task so I have a solution for that too you can use videos created by other with complete reuse rights .also you will find how you can make videos without actually buying expensive software and hardware to make videos.<\/p>\n

Did you know there are websites that pay much more than youtube??<\/strong><\/p>\n

Well now you know I have made a short list of websites that pays better than youtube and are easy to use and get started.<\/p>\n

In the course I have also included information for keyword research as it is one important part of driving traffic to your videos also you will find information and resources about how to write your video description and title.<\/p>\n

They say first impression is last impression. <\/p>\n

And guess what it's correct when it comes to videos your viewers see your thumbnail first and if it isn't good some might don't even see your video so how to avoid this?<\/p>\n

Well I got this covered too you will learn how to make some awesome thumbnail images easily. Making thumbnail is no more a skill work, you can make cool and great looking thumbnail easily now.<\/p>\n

So what are you waiting for?<\/strong><\/p>\n

Get started now<\/strong><\/p>"" :show-chars="400">


  • Video
  • Basic computer knowledge


Section 2: Preparation 10:11
Section 3: VIdeo Uploading Sites 09:58
Section 4: Creating and Uploading 11:53

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I am a full-time freelancer and marketing professional since 2013. In the past 6 years, I made 100s if not thousands of website and helped 100s of people learn skills and become better at what they do.
My skills are
WordPress: I consult many big brands.Blogging:: Not that I am the best in blogging but I have made some greatly succesfull blogs.
Video: I have made lots of explainer videos and tutorials to help people.

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