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What You Will Learn?

  • Learn how to Identify the market opportunities and Maximize your profits with proper risk management
  • You will learn market proven investment strategies and learn to create your own Investment Strategy
  • Learn to identify 100-500% Potential Profit opportunity
  • Learn how to plan your exit strategy
  • Learn to Minimize your losses and Maximize your profits.


Cryptocurrency Course of 2019. This is a new Course with Strategies for current market conditions.<\/p>\n

Why is it so hard to make profits in Investing & Trading?<\/p>\n

Have you ever wondered why most often, We fail to make profits?<\/p>\n

We all have come across this question, How did I miss this opportunity? If I identified I would have got X % of profits. <\/p>\n

Did you know,<\/p>\n

Why are Investors losing money?<\/strong><\/p>\n

  • Lack of understanding of Market cycles,<\/li>\n
  • Lack of understanding of Risk Management,<\/li>\n
  • No clear Investment Plan,<\/li>\n
  • No clear Exit Plan,<\/li>\n
  • Not being able to identify market opportunities.<\/li>\n<\/ul>\n

    After this course, you'd be able to understand the different market Cycles, You know how to plan your risks, Having an investment plan & Exit plan. You know how to identify potential market opportunities.<\/p>\n

    Outcomes from this course:<\/strong><\/p>\n

    • Peoples who are curious for making money, to build passive income source or seeking financial freedom<\/li>\n
    • Peoples who want to invest in Cryptocurrencies<\/li>\n
    • Peoples who are losing money in Cryptocurrency markets<\/li>\n
    • Peoples who want to maximize their profits<\/li>\n
    • Cryptocurrency Investors<\/li>\n<\/ul>\n

      The uniqueness of this course is a comprehensive approach. It covers from basics of cryptocurrencies to creating an investment plan, risk management, Identifying profit opportunities & Exit strategy.<\/p>\n

      This Course can be taken by all levels Basic to advanced level students<\/p>\n

      Being one click away from a  course, that will give you the knowledge to create your successful Cryptocurrency investment strategy and the ability to identify the market opportunities.<\/p>\n

      See you in the course!<\/p>"" :show-chars="400">


  • No prerequisites


Section 1: Introduction 07:57
Section 2: Cryptocurrency Exchanges 04:06
Section 3: Buy/Sell Cryptocurrencies 09:52
Section 5: Risk Management 09:16
Section 6: Identify Profit Opportunities 11:01
Section 7: Trading Strategies 05:17
Section 8: Exit Strategy 04:58

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Hello, I'm Uttarraj K - I am here to Unleash the Philanthropist in me.

My reason for teaching in Bitdegree is a bit different. I have planned to share half of my Bitdegree earnings to Education of Physically challenged children & Medical expense of Cancer affected children. By Enrolling You get the knowledge you desired & A child will get his/her deserved education/life.

About my background

A Management System Consultant - Certified Implementer & Auditor for ISO 9001:2015,ISO 14001:2015,ISO 45001:2018.

Cryptocurrency Investor & Trader - I have grown my Portfolio 15x in last 9 Months.

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